Board, Staff, Internship, & Volunteer Positions

Board Member Positions

Shared Medium board members serve 3 year terms. Quarterly meetings take place on the last Saturdays of March, June, September, and December.

Board members volunteer their personal time and experience, support the financial development of the organization, and serve as representatives of their region and the arts-culture of their community.

New members are voted in by active board members.
Board members can nominate themselves by filling out a board member application.

Duties of Board Members:

  • Attend quarterly meetings.
  • Support the organization’s fundraising and development.
  • Offer informed opinions to decisions about projects, budget, marketing and development, with regard to the organization’s mission and bylaws.
  • Represent the organization in the community.
  • Participate in votes on annual and project budgets, and new members.

Production Work & Internships

Inky Spokes Staff, Internship, and Volunteer Positions

Inky Spokes takes place annually as part of the Gigantic Bicycle Festival. The always evolving exhibition of bicycle inspired art features anything from fine art, bicycle-poster-art, bicycle inspired craft, installation and sculpture, to recycled bicycle creations.

Inky Spokes Internship

The Inky Spokes Intern works with the Project Curator in community outreach, calls for artists, curation of submitted work, gallery and venue coordination, installation, and art sales.

Pay: Volunteer

Requirements: Some lifting

Gigantic Bicycle Festival Staff, Internship, and Volunteer Positions

The Gigantic Festival weekend involves the support of over 200 volunteers, setting up the festival and camp grounds Friday, running support stops, riding as support bikers, and taking on all variety of roles big and small in the lead up to the festival and over the event weekend.

Below is a list of positions the event needs to fill annually. Many list long hours, and involve orienting volunteers to have the information to manage and relieve you and each other to get away to eat and relax through the weekend. Some roles may also be filled by two or more leads over the course of the weekend.

Please say hello if you are interested in or have questions about any of these positions!


Gigantic Vendor Coordinator

The Vendor Coordinator is responsible for assigning vendors to locations within the festival grounds, gathering documents and payment of vendor fees, communicating with vendors regarding load in times, the logistics of the festival weekend, and their needs. During the festival weekend, the vendor coordinator greets and orients vendors to their site and to the festival grounds, directs vendor load in on Friday, and vendor load out on Saturday.

Pay: $500 stipend

Hours: Friday 12pm-5pm, Sunday 3pm-6pm, pre-event hours working by email & phone.

Requirements: Some lifting

Gigantic Bicycle Quidditch Team Captains

Gigantic hosts bicycle quidditch matches at Centennial Fields Park throughout the festival weekend, with scheduled matches and pickup games on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Team Leaders recruit teams of 7 players, and coordinate over match times, and orienting new players to the rules of the game.

Pay: Volunteer

Hours: Friday 4pm-8pm, Saturday 1pm-5pm, Sunday 1pm-5pm, pre-event hours working by email.


Gigantic NW Bike Builder, Workshops, and Guest Speakers Curator

The Bike Builder Curator invites story-tellers, adventurers, makers, and bike builders from the Pacific Northwest to show their work and present at the Makers & Story-tellers Tent at Gigantic Bicycle Festival. During the festival weekend, they run the tent and keep the schedule and daily program rolling.

Pay: $500 stipend

Hours: Friday 12pm-8pm, Saturday 12pm-8pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm, pre-event hours working by email & phone.

Requirements: Some lifting

Gigantic Film Festival Curator

The Gigantic Film Festival Curator puts out the call for bicycle inspired short and feature films, and puts together the film program for Friday evening at Gigantic. At festival, they work with the production leads to get the screen up and films rolling.

Pay: $500 stipend

Hours: Friday 6pm-11pm, and pre-event hours working by email & phone.

Requirements: Some video editing to put together the evening program.

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